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Quote from Hal in Stupid Girl

Dewey: You're going to the steamroller, aren't you?
Hal: [gasps] So what if I am? I rented it. Why shouldn't I get to use it? It's a free country.
Dewey: Dad, you've been crushing things for five days straight. Have you even slept?
Hal: That's the thing, Dewey. Ever since I got the steamroller, I don't have to sleep. It's like the laws of nature don't apply to me.
Dewey: What's this?
Hal: Nothing.
Dewey: It's a brochure for a wrecking ball.
Hal: It's not even mine, okay? I'm just holding it for a friend.
Dewey: Dad, I think you have a problem.
Hal: Why can't everyone just leave me alone?!

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