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Quote from Lois in Jury Duty

Susan: Wait! I don't think Marty is guilty.
Lois: What?!
Susan: I went through all these papers and it says the kid sings in a church choir. I just don't think a churchgoing boy would do something like this.
Lois: That is not fact. That's bias. You are basing a decision on feelings that have nothing to do with facts! Facts are things, like witnesses seeing Marty steal the bike, like Marty being apprehended while he was driving the stolen bike! Like Marty pulling tons of stupid stunts just like this one. Those are the facts.
Susan: I just don't wanna send that poor boy to jail!
Lois: Oh, believe me, jail is going to do a lot more good than three years of military school ever did.
Foreman: Military school?
Susan: I didn't read anything about military school.
Lois: Oh, yeah... Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I saw that somewhere.
Ben: I don't think so. Didn't he drop out of vocational school?
Foreman: That's right. After he transferred from the private school where he got caught messing with the teacher's aid.
Lois: No, you don't understand, I know for a fact that Francis went- Oh, my God! I think I have to excuse myself from this jury.
Foreman: All in favor? [all hands go up]

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