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Quote from Hal in Jury Duty

Hal: [frantic panting] Whoo! Time? Time?!
Abe: 11 minutes.
Hal: [shrieks triumphantly] In your face! See? The wife did have time to run down here from home! That leaves her two minutes to stab him, remove the head, and still make it to the party in time. It all makes sense!
Abe: Oh, and the blood magically jumped from the wife's clothes to Moynihan?
Hal: Do you really need this spelled out? After killing her husband, she ran back, took off the bloody suit and rubbed it all over the unconscious Moynihan!
Abe: Impossible!
Hal: You just don't wanna be proven wrong!
Abe: I am not wrong! The knife entered at a downward angle. She was 5'2". He was 6'4". She'd have had to ask him to pick her up so she could stab him!
Hal: She could've stood on something!
Abe: Oh, she brought a stepladder out into the alley.
Hal: Look, right here. A milk crate! She could've hidden behind the dumpster, stood on the milk crate, pulled out the knife and stabbed him several times with a downward motion, like this!
[When a woman screams, Hal and Abe run off in opposite directions]

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