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Quote from Reese in Jury Duty

Malcolm: We're trying to tell you something important. We just saw Stevie's mom naked!
Reese: And she's a total babe.
Malcolm: It was amazing. We were over at Stevie's getting stuff for the sewer when, all of a sudden, we hear something behind us. We turn around and there she was, in the hallway, naked!
Reese: Buck naked, except for her shower cap. It was crazy. First she was screaming, then Stevie was screaming, then I was screaming... Yeah. Why'd I do that?
Malcolm: And then she tore the curtains off the wall to cover up!
Reese: But you could still see right through the curtains. I'm so glad they just remodeled.
Dewey: That is not a good reason! Mom walks around here naked all the time! She was naked this morning. She was naked in-
Reese: Dewey, if you've just combined those two things in my head, I will kill you! [closes eyes] No, we're good. So, anyway, she was crawling down the hall with the curtain...

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