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Quote from Francis in Company Picnic: Part 1

Malcolm: [answers phone] Hello?
Francis: Malcolm, great. It's Francis. I'm in a real bind up here-
Malcolm: Please, I don't have any money.
Francis: Wait. Hear me out. Tell Mom they're sending all the smart kids to Washington, DC, hit her up for $600 and then spend a long weekend at Stevie's.
Malcolm: Reese, phone.
Reese: [answers phone] Hello?
Francis: Reese, great. Um... you know the hardware store on 2nd? Okay, they got a real slippery entry way...
Reese: Dewey, phone.
Dewey: Francis?
Reese: Yeah.
Dewey: Money?
Reese: Yeah.
[Dewey hangs up the phone]

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