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Quote from Francis in Health Scare

Francis: Lavernia, I want to tell you something.
Lavernia: We'll talk at two.
Francis: I'm gonna tell you this right now. I hate your guts. You are the most horrible person I have ever met. You are mean, sadistic, twisted and spiteful. And I owe you an apology. Because what I said to you didn't have anything to do with that. It was just a cheap shot about your looks and you don't deserve that. No-one deserves that.
Lavernia: You're right. Thank you.
Francis: What the hell are we doing this for anyway? This isn't going to solve anything. We're just putting on a show for a bunch of slack-jawed idiots. I don't know if you think you have to prove something to them because you're a woman, but you don't. You came up here all alone and you built a successful business in this godawful place. You have accomplished plenty.
Lavernia: Oh, my God! You're coming on to me!
Francis: What?
Lavernia: Well, you better peddle your sugar to somebody else, cos this bee ain't buyin'.
Francis: What?!
Lavernia: The last thing I need is some young punk frolicking in my nethers.
Francis: You don't listen to- I try to talk to you- Ew!

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