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Quote from Reese in Halloween Approximately

Francis: What do you mean, Krelboynes?
[Malcolm and Reese are hit by a water balloon]
Malcolm: I guess they've built their own catapult.
Reese: That's impossible. How could they do that? Where would they get the materials?
Malcolm: It's a funnel and surgical tubing. Stevie's garage is filled with that stuff.
Dewey: What are we going to do?
Reese: We're going to fight. They're Krelboynes. They're nothing. We can fight. We can fight!
[later, Malcolm, Francis and Dewey look dejected as they sit on the roof covered in a variety of substances:]
Reese: We can fight. We can fight. We can fight.
Francis: We have to surrender.
Malcolm: Francis is right. We have to give up, Reese.
Reese: Come on, you wussies. Just shoot me over there. I'll kick your asses myself! [gets hit in the face by a squid] Get it off! Oh my God! Get it off!

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