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Quote from Francis in Traffic Jam

Francis: Sugar, corn syrup and gelatine. How can something so simple be so delicious?
Joe: That stuff's nasty, Francis.
Francis: To the unsophisticated palate, yes. But to me, the candy quack is nature's perfect food. I think I can eat a hundred of them.
Joe: No way. All that marshmallow would expand in your stomach. You wouldn't even get past 50.
Francis: OK, that's where you're wrong, Joe. See the marshmallow wouldn't expand. It would dissolve. I'd never get full. In fact, I don't think-
Eric: Will you just shut up! I have sat back and said nothing while you've gone on and on about how you can eat a hundred of this and lift a hundred of that. The quacks would expand. You're an idiot if you think different.
Francis: OK, let me tell you something. If I say I can eat a hundred quacks, you can take that as a bona fide guarantee. And there's no need to resort to personal attacks. Because I'd hate to raise the whole issue of you wearing boxers in the shower.

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