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Quote from Lois in Reese Comes Home: Part 3

Lois: You know, Sergeant, you and I aren't so different. I mean, if you think about it, we both have the same job. Taking a bunch of mindless, irresponsible teenagers and turning them into something vaguely useful to the world.
Sgt. Hendrix: It is a challenge, ma'am.
Lois: Last week, one of my boys was trying to iron his shirt while he was still in it.
Sgt. Hendrix: One of mine interrupted a war game because his rifle was kind of digging into his shoulder. [both chuckle]
Lois: Did you make everyone suffer for what the one kid did?
Sgt. Hendrix: Of course. But it never lasts, does it? It is stunning how much punishment they require.
Lois: Tell me about it. I'm amazed I get anything else done.

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