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Quote from Piama in Boys at Ranch

Francis: Well, I just listened at the boys' door and not a peep. I hated coming down on them like that but that's the only way they'll listen.
Piama: Absolutely.
Francis: I mean, I think I was hard but fair.
Piama: [laughs] You couldn't have been more fair.
Francis: Okay, and now you're smiling which means in about two seconds I'm going to look like a jackass.
Piama: You can keep going if you want.
Francis: Just tell me.
Piama: The boys haven't been in the room for three hours.
Francis: What?
Piama: They want you to meet them at the south gate. This should explain everything. I'm afraid it starts off a little antagonistic.
Francis: Is that last word "lick" or "wipe"?
Piama: I think you're safe either way.

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