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Quote from Hal in Jury Duty

Abe: What's all this?
Hal: Just some research I'm doing on the trial Lois got assigned to.
Abe: Oh, my God! The Reyes case?! Did she anything about the four-fingered magician? Was he any good?
Hal: She won't tell me anything. I had to dig up all this on my own. Half the information is being suppressed from the jury. Now Lois will have to find Moynihan guilty.
Abe: Why wouldn't she? He did it.
Hal: Oh, you're a fool! Everyone knows that the wife killed him.
Abe: What are you talking about? She loved him. Didn't you read the letter?
Hal: If she was so innocent, how come she didn't admit to being married before?
Abe: Because she was underage and it was annulled a week later. It means absolutely nothing. The judge already ruled that inadmissible.
Hal: This is the same judge that wouldn't allow the cab driver to testify!
Abe: Well, if the wife did it, why did four witnesses say they saw a man leave the crime scene?
Hal: Oh! You mean a man... like this?!
Abe: You just drew hair on!
Hal: And if I could do it, she could do it. Did you know she spent two years working at the Windmill Dinner Theatre.
Abe: Let me see that!

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