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Quote from Abe in Graduation

Dewey: It's weird to think about. Pretty soon you guys will be... gone.
Reese: Yeah. And this just sitting around hanging out... We're not going to have many more of these.
Abe: [chuckles] No, we sure won't. Seems like only yesterday you and I were going to homecoming, putting the school paper to bed, fretting over our first big date with Sharon Hines. Mmm. That kiss went on forever.
Malcolm: Uh, Mr. Kenarban, Stevie's supposed to help me work on my speech.
Abe: Right, right. Mr. Valedictorian. [chuckles] Congratulations again. I'm glad my son can help you out with your big, important speech. It's probably that selflessness that got him the second spot.
Stevie: Dad!
Abe: I'm not insulting salutatorian. It's- It's quite an honor. I'm just glad that even after I got Cedric Hampton to be the school's commencement speaker, they still had the integrity to make you valedictorian and not my crippled son.
Stevie: Go!

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