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Quote from Reese in Lois Strikes Back

Lois: So, this is pretty exciting, Reese. When did you meet this girl?
Reese: I haven't actually met her. Her cousin goes to school with me, and Cindy saw me at the dance last week and thought I was hot.
Lois: Oh, well, I don't blame her. I mean, forgetting I'm your mother for a minute, if I saw you walking down the street, I would think, there is one hot guy.
Dewey: Yeesh.
Reese: Cindy and I talked on the phone almost every night last week, and we totally have the same sense of humor. She said she saw me put the plastic dog poop in the punch bowl at the school dance, and we both agreed that the real stuff would have been funnier.
Lois: You put plastic poop in the punch bowl?!
Reese: Once again, you completely miss the point.

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