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Quote from Hal in Hal Grieves

Lois: You okay?
Hal: Yeah, I'm fine.
Lois: Are you sure? It seems a little weird that the second you come home from your father's funeral, you turn on Sports Bloopers. [turns off TV]
Hal: Hey.
Lois: Hal, it is not healthy to keep all this bottled up.
Hal: I agree. I just don't have anything to unbottle. I mean, I thought I'd cry when I saw him in the box. I thought I'd cry when they closed it. I thought I'd cry when they put it in the ground and I threw dirt on him, but... nothing. Actually, I did get a little misty listening to the funeral we passed on the way out. Do you know that man was the shoeshine guy on the same corner for 40 years?
Lois: Hal, you don't have to be brave.
Hal: I'm not. You know me. I cried at that movie about the boxing wallaby.
Lois: I remember.
Hal: I think I'm not feeling anything because I never really had a relationship with him. I mean, I suppose he knew my name, but he'd always just call me "buddy."
Lois: Oh, Hal.
Hal: So, now a relationship that was totally meaningless and trivial is over. It's hard to get too upset.

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