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Quote from Reese in Reese vs. Stevie

[As Malcolm and Stevie study, Reese walks into the room and wipes all of the Stevie's work off the desk]
Reese: My desk!
Malcolm: Reese, what's your problem?
Reese: He's my problem. I get to come home to my own room and put my own stuff on my own desk. There's such a thing as manners, Stevie. When you're a guest in someone's house...
[After Stevie sprays Reese with his inhaler, Reese grabs Stevie by the shirt and gets ready to punch him. Stevie smiles as Reese realizes he can't punch Stevie.]
Malcolm: Real classy, Reese. Go ahead, hit him.
Reese: It's not fair! He's hit me plenty of times. He makes fun of me, he treats me like crap, and just because he's in that chair he gets away with it!
Stevie: I blame... society.
Reese: Sorry, Stevie.

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