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Quote from Reese in Mrs. Tri-County

Reese: [laughs] Wait, wait, how about this? "Mother's wonderful, quiet dignity."
Malcolm: [laughs] No, her "sensitive, quiet dignity."
Dewey: What are you guys doing?
Malcolm: We were at the mall and they had these entry forms for the Mrs. Tri-County contest. Look at these questions. "How does your mother bring joy into your life?" [all laugh]
Reese: How about the time she shaved the word "liar" into my head?
Malcolm: "She always finds time to dote on our personal appearance."
Lois: What's so funny? [boys fall silent]
Reese: Uh...
Malcolm: Reese saw a Japanese guy on the Internet puke into an electric fan.
Reese: They are ahead of us in so many ways.

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