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Quote from Mr. Herkabe in Mrs. Tri-County

Mr. Herkabe: You don't pay mileage, I had to park in the structure, and you call this a gift bag? I saw two judges with the mini-lipstick set and the lemon scented moisturizer.
Malcolm: Mr. Herkabe, what are you doing here?
Mr. Herkabe: I happen to be one of the judges. What, may I ask, are you doing here?
Malcolm: You know, curiosity. It's kind of a sociologically interesting-
Mr. Herkabe: My God, your mother's in the pageant.
Malcolm: Well, technically.
Mr. Herkabe: Hmm. And I happen to have certain powers that might influence that outcome. Isn't that interesting?
Malcolm: What?
Mr. Herkabe: I just think that's really interesting. Don't you find it interesting?
Malcolm: Yeah, I guess I'm gonna have to.
Woman: I'm sorry, sir. They were out of the moisturizer, but I found these.
Mr. Herkabe: Fine. I'll take the smoked almonds, the loofah glove- Oh, just give me the whole box.

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