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Season 4, Episode 8 - Aired November 17, 2008

When Lily invites Robin to join her work friends on a girls' night out, Lily is surprised to learn they are "Wooo! Girls". Meanwhile, Barney gets Ted the opportunity to pitch for the design of the new Goliath National Bank headquarters.

Quote from Barney

[flashback to the GNB conference room:]
Ted: ...will radiate the strength and stability that is Goliath National Bank. Thank you, gentlemen. [exits to applause]
Barney: So?
Bilson: That was great. I love it.
Barney: Yes! Looks like we got our guy. I don't think we even need to meet with...
[The room is dark, three blonde men wearing sunglasses and head pieces stand in front of the conference table. Electronic music plays]
Sven: I am Sven Jorgensen. With me are Sven Pilsen and Sven Johanssen, and we are... Sven! [The Svens dance] You are Goliath National Bank. You are cutting edge. You are new. You are fresh. Women want to be with you, men wish to harm you, but the fool who dares challenge you shall be crushed! Your headquarters will tell the world of these facts. Oh, and one more thing... Don't look now! [a dinosaur-shaped structure appears in a poof of smoke] Which of you is Barney Stinson, head of the search committee?
Barney: Oh, my God. That's me!
Sven: You, Barney Stinson, are a man of power and virility. Your office shall be here, in the head of a tyrannosaurus rex.
Barney: I never knew it till now, but I've always dreamed of that.
Sven: On your large desk of Honduran rosewood shall be this button.
Barney: What does the button do?
Sven: Press it! Press it for glory!
[Barney presses the button. Fire is shot out of the dinosaur's mouth]
Barney: Yes! This is the most awesome building in the universe. There is no way this building could be more awesome.
Sven: There is a strip club in the letter "N."
Barney: Ah!


Quote from Lily

Robin: What happened?
Lily: Oh, Ted didn't get that job. But that's not the biggest disappointment of the day.
Robin: What?
Lily: We saw you woo.
Robin: Saw who woo?
Lily: Saw you woo.
Robin: I didn't woo.
Lily: You did, too.
Robin: That's not true.
Lily: Your nose just grew.

Quote from Robin

Future Ted: [v.o.] Kids, in the fall of 2008, your aunt Robin was unemployed and a little bit adrift, so she valued her friendship with Lily more than ever.
Robin: Hey, so I hear Marshall has to work late on Friday. You know what that means... Ladies' night.
Lily: Oh, actually, one of the teachers at my school, Jillian, is having a birthday party.
Robin: Oh, okay.
Lily: What?
Robin: It's just I've never even heard of this Jillian person before and suddenly she's, like, your best friend. You can't shut up about her.

Quote from Marshall

Lily: So come out with me and Jillian then.
Robin: Okay, but I don't want to stay out too late because... [Marshall and Ted sit down in the booth] Remember that... thing last month after I went to the place? Well, you know who said it's fine, but she gave me some stuff.
Marshall: You still got that yeast infection, huh?

Quote from Barney

Barney: Marshall, I want you to enjoy this moment.
Marshall: What moment?
Barney: The last moment of you and I being even slightly in competion for the title of Ted's best friend.
Ted: Marshall's my best friend.
Barney: Exactly. It's a tie.

Quote from Barney

Barney: And then, we throw crumpled up beer cans at pigeons.
Marshall: I don't do that.
Ted: I totally want to do that.

Quote from Future Ted

Barney: Well, I am gonna make that happen.
Ted: Seriously, Barney, after everything I went through with Stella, getting me this opportunity, it really means a lot.
Future Ted: [v.o.] It really did. You see, kids, when I became an architect, I had one dream: to contribute a building to the skyline of New York City. I wanted to be able to point to one of those buildings and say, see that one? That one right there? That's mine. This job was my opportunity to do just that.

Quote from Lily

Robin: Wow, your friend's having her birthday here? What's she turning, 19?
Lily: No, believe me, this isn't her scene. She probably just didn't know what kind of place this was.
Jillian: Lily, over here, you sexy bitch! We've got bottle service! [Jillian and her friends "Wooo!"]
Lily: Oh, my God. At school, she's so quiet and normal. I had no idea she's... She's a Woo Girl.

Quote from Ted

Ted: Now, go easy on me. It's a work in progress.
Barney: Ted, this is amazing. The detail. The shading. The... playfulness of the lines. This is exactly what Princess Leia would look like topless.
Ted: My way of saying thanks. So... you want to see my designs for the building?
Barney: Nah, I'm good.

Quote from Barney

Marshall: So get this. Lily just texted me. She's at that bar Giddyups with a bunch of Woo Girls.
[Barney runs out of the apartment]

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