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Season 9, Episode 15 -  Aired January 20, 2014

Marshall tries to put off his fight with Lily for as long as he can, but she decides to unpause their argument. Meanwhile, Ted and Robin get an insight into Barney's life when he gets so drunk he can only speak the truth.

Quote from Barney

Robin: So, Barney, I still haven't heard you pronounce that last syllable. At our wedding, will there be a ring bearer?
Barney: The truth is: Yes, there will be a ring bearer. His name is Trevor Hudson, I worked with his mother, and he's adorable. I want our wedding to be perfect, Robin.


Quote from Lily

Future Ted: [v.o.] Kids, it's your grandmother's favorite rule: "Nothing good happens after 2 a.m."
Lily: [on the phone] Hi. I know it's late, but I've gotta get out of here. Marshall and I just had a huge fight. You will? Oh, my God, thank you.

Quote from Ted

Linus: Tab for the night. Just so you know, those last few rounds of 35-year Glen McKenna were not cheap.
Ted: Whoa. Um... You know what? Charge them to the bride's room.

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