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41Quotes from ‘Ring Up’

How I Met Your Mother: Ring Up

814. Ring Up

Aired January 21, 2013

Barney pushes Ted to see a twenty-year-old who's interested in "older men". Meanwhile, Robin wonders why men are suddenly treating her differently.

Quote from Robin

Robin: Okay, you guys know how my mornings usually go.
Marshall: Why would we care how...
Robin: Usually it's like this.
[fantasy scene of Robin queuing:]
Man #1: After you.
Robin: Aw, thank you.
Man #2: On the house, Robin!
Man #3: [all singing] Take this bagel on the house
Man #4: Have a paper on the house
Man #5: I'd give you a house on the house if I could
All: You're so beautiful Everything in life should be free
Robin: It's so wonderful to be me!
Lily: Wow. Do Do little bluebirds help you get dressed in the morning, too?
All: She's exaggerating to make a point!


Quote from Barney

Ted: Barney, she's just using me for my gracefully aging body.
Barney: You're picking now to get some self-respect? You once banged a blind girl by pretending to be Sean Connery.
Ted: That was you.
Barney: [as Sean Connery] Yeah, that conquest was most enjoyable.

Quote from Robin

Ted: You guys. You guys will not believe what just happened. On my way here, a taxi jumped the curb and it pinned this old lady, and I-I just went into this, like, crazy adrenaline mode and I somehow lifted it off her.
Lily: Oh, my God, Ted, your wrist.
Ted: Oh, yeah, I guess it's a little swollen. I must've strained it lifting.
Barney: No, I believe our dear friend Lily was referring to your other wrist. The one wearing the male birth control.
Robin: I was gonna go with "chastity bracelet."
Barney: God, is it possible to love you more?

Quote from Robin

Ted: Really? Really? I just saved someone's life, and you guys are focusing on this?
Marshall: Yeah, you know what, guys? Leave him alone. All right, he's a hero.
Ted: Thank you.
Marshall: Do you think that your super strength came from wearing wonder woman's magic wrist cuff?
Ted: Yeah, I'll have you know that because of this cuff, I have a date.
Robin: With some hand lotion and the Internet?
Barney: It is possible to love you more!

Quote from Lily

Lily: Ew. Marshall, take that off.
Marshall: What? I think it looks kind of cool.
Lily: Cool? You look like one of those jerks who's in some lame band and rides a motorcycle without a helmet and has a wallet chain and neck tattoos and a drug problem. Not a... a big one, just, uh, enough that he deals a little bit on the side, and he can never, ever be true to one woman. Finish that damn pickle and do me!

Quote from Barney

Ted: What- What- What are you looking for?
Barney: Your phone. There's got to be some pictures of her in here. Damn it. no. Those are all worthless. I need some one-night-stand material, Ted. Oh. Oh. Here's your mom. Hello, Virginia.
Ted: Um, my mother is not one-night-stand material.
Barney: Yeah, you're right. It wasn't night and we weren't standing. Hey-oh!
Ted: That didn't happen.
Barney: You're right. It didn't. [clicks tongue and winks]
Ted: You just winked.
Barney: No, I didn't. [clicks tongue and winks]
Ted: You just did it again!

Quote from Marshall

Lily: Hey, Marshall, you got to see this. The catalog must have mixed up my order. You won't believe the jeans they just sent me. Hilarious, right?
Marshall: Totally. You look like some suburban mom who drives a minivan filled with stale cheerios and empty juice boxes. Probably makes Chili Mac and Frito Pie for dinner. Smells like that menthol cigarette that she snuck while she was waiting to pick her kids up from hockey practice. Get over here!

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