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Quote from Mickey in The Over-Correction

Lily: But my dad is here nannying all the time. Then add your mom in? This place is crowded enough already.
[flashback to Mickey knocking on the nursery door:]
Mickey: Hey, Lil, let me know how the pump's working. I cleaned it for you.
Lily: It's fine, Dad.
Mickey: Yeah, I had to check the suction, so I tested it on myself.
Lily: Oh, no.
Mickey: Don't worry, the suction's fine, actually kind of nice.


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Quote from Robin

Robin: She can't see that Barney is using her, and it breaks my heart. You know, I love Patrice. We're like sisters.
Ted: You've never gotten through even one exchange without screaming at her.
Robin: Sisters fight, Ted! But the bond is always there.

Quote from Robin

Ted: And where's the worst abuser of my generosity, Barney? Or should I say, "Borrow-ney"?
Marshall: You should never say that. And I think he's out with Patrice.
Robin: Ugh, Patrice? That's still happening?
Future Ted: [v.o.] Kids, you remember Patrice. She worked with your Aunt Robin.
Patrice: Robin! You left your purse at the vending machine, and some guy tried to steal it! I fought him off, but I think I dislocated my shoulder.
Robin: You scratched the leather! Oh! Can't you do anything right, Patrice?!

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Quote from The Magician's Code - Part One

Lily: Damn it, Ted. I was okay with you e-mailing my aunt, my cousins, and your cousins, and the guy that Robin thought was Neil Young. But my father is the absolute worst person to have around in any sort of medical situation. When I was seven, I needed to have my tonsils out.
Young Lily: Daddy, I'm scared.
Mickey: Aw, Princess, I would be too. I've researched this surgery. Anything can happen. You could bleed to death... You could have your jaw removed due to infection... And the anesthesia could suddenly just stop working, much like your mom's and my marriage. [laughs] You do know that we're getting a divor... Don't worry about it. We'll talk about it after the surgery.

Quote from Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap

Future Ted: [v.o.] Now, Lily and her dad, Mickey, had always had a tough relationship. Mickey's dream was to invent the next great American board game. But his ideas were a little off.
[flashback to young Lily, wearing a ballerina costume, going to see her father at his work station in 1988:]
Young Lily: Daddy? You missed my ballet recital.
Mickey: Yes, sweetie, but, look! I just put the finishing touches on my new, hit board game, "Tijuana Slumlord".
[another flashback:]
Young Lily: Daddy, you missed my gymnastics meet.
Mickey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But this is the one! "Car Battery: how long can you hold on?" [laughs] Here, princess, grab these.
[another flashback:]
Young Lily: Daddy, I had a nightmare.
Mickey: Aw, here sweetie. Here, come play daddy's new game: "There's a Clown Demon Under the Bed!"
Young Lily: [screams]