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Quote from Lily in Lobster Crawl

Ted: Look, I still feel bad I went too far with all the Marvin firsts. The Santa thing, especially. I mean, I should've known. Are you sure you guys forgive me?
Marshall: Absolutely.
Lily: Don't worry, no grudges.
Ted: Great. Next round's on me.
[a few years later, Ted is holding a baby as a car horn honks:]
Ted: Coming, honey! Okay, you guys have all the numbers: my cell, the restaurant, Center for Disease Control?
Marshall: She's with her Aunt Lily and Uncle Marshall.
Lily: Nothing's gonna happen.
Ted: You're right. You're totally right. Okay. Bye, sweetie. [hands over the baby]
Lily: Get out of here, ya crazy.
Marshall: Would you get out of here already.
Lily: [to the baby girl] Who's ready to meet Santa?


 ‘Lobster Crawl’ Quotes

Quote from Robin

[title card: "The Damsel in Distress":]
Barney: Hey, Robin, I just got your text. What's the big emergency?
Patrice: Hi, Barney! You seem like you run fast. Do you want me to fan you with my US magazine?
Robin: He's fine.
Barney: Thanks, Patrice.
Robin: Oh, thank goodness you're here. I just got this new printer, and I need somebody big and strong to take it to my office for me. I promise to repay you.
Patrice: We'll do it for you, Robin!
Robin: Don't you have a late-breaking weather story to cover, Brandi?
Brandi: Oh, I did it already. It rained.
Barney: Oh, I got to jump on a big Brobibs conference call. The lawyer from Dude Aprons is really busting my balls. See ya.
Robin: Nobody asked for your help, Patrice! You either, Brandi!

Quote from Robin

Robin: God, I feel awful. Barney is going through something big, and I've been obsessing about one stupid final hookup to get him out of my system. He needs space and time to figure things out. And I have to give it to him.
[later, Barney opens his front door:]
Barney: Robin? What are you doing here?
Robin: It's okay if you don't know what you want in life.. As long as you know what you want tonight.
[Robin takes off her coat to reveal a skimpy outfit]
Barney: Well... I do know what I want.
Patrice: Hi, Robin!
Robin: Nobody asked you here, Patrice!

Quote from Barney

[title card: "The Center of Attention":]
Robin: Stop it.
Barney: Hey, hey. What are you guys doing slobbering all over my friend?
Robin: Oh, Barney, don't be jealous.
Barney: If you're gonna drool, do it in style! Just go to We've got every look in the book. The Business Casual. The Preppy. The Robin Williams. Bib up! Brobibs is in no way affiliated with, inspired by or derivative of Dude Aprons.