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Quote from Barney in The Rebound Girl

Future Ted: [v.o.] So Barney and I... and again, going through a tough time, can't stress that enough... found an adoption agency Web site and filled out their online application.
Barney: Name: Barney Stinson. Ted Mosby. Address...
Ted: Oh, put my address in Westchester. They'll want to see we'll be raising this child in a good environment. You know, the suburbs.
Barney: What? No. All my guys are here.
Ted: Your guys?
Barney: Yeah. You know how I got a guy for everything? Well, they're all in New York. My suit guy, my shoe guy,
my ticket guy, my club guy. And if I don't have a guy for something, then I have a guy guy to get me a guy. And oddly enough, his name is Guy.


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Quote from Marshall

Future Ted: [v.o.] That's a funny story. Marshall was fed up with his job at GNB and was thinking about leaving it all behind, so he and Lily agreed he should wait for a sign from the universe to tell him what to do. Then one day...
[flashback: Marshall is on the street and sees a strange looking ambulance drive by. He notices a stop sign and looks across the road and sees an old fire house that's for sale:]
Marshall: Of course. It's so clear. It's been right there all along. I have to call Lily. Excuse me. Excuse me, sir. I'm sorry, but, um, can I please borrow your... Ernie Hudson?
Ernie Hudson: Yes.
Marshall: Can I borrow your phone?
Ernie Hudson: Who you gonna call?
Robin: And did Marshall become a Ghostbuster?
Marshall: That firehouse is still for sale.
Lily: Even Ernie Hudson begged you not to go through with that.
Marshall: Ernie Hudson is a coward!
Lily: [gasps]

Quote from Robin

Robin: You guys are crazy. This place is enormous. I mean, look arou... [knocks over a third lamp] Have you never heard of overhead lighting?!

Quote from Lily

Future Ted: [v.o.] In the fall of 2011, Lily and Marshall received a surprising gift from Lily's grandparents: their house in Long Island. Lily and Marshall decided to sell it for one simple reason.
Lily: It's Long Island. I don't want to spend my Saturday in Long Island.
Marshall: I know, babe, but the realtor staged the place with fake furniture and she wants us to check it out before the open house.
Lily: All right. Can we at least do it on the fake bed?
Marshall: I'm embarrassed that you have to ask.