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Quote from Marshall in Disaster Averted

Lily: So for the next two weeks he was basically a really clingy Edgar Allan Poe.
[flashback to Lily and Marshall's apartment:]
Marshall: The Grim Reaper beckons. I feel his icy grip around my throat, the breath of his hounds at my heels, the unrelenting rat-tat-tat of his scythe on my chamber door. And you, with your blithe request, you only hasten his inevitable triumph. Is that what you desire? Is that what you desire, Lily?


 ‘Disaster Averted’ Quotes

Quote from Barney

[Barney runs down the street with two armed men chasing after him. A man wearing a Fez offers him a place to shelter:]
Man in Fez: Psst. In here!
Barney: I'm safe.
Man in Fez: [pulls gun] Not quite. The amulet, please, Mr. Stinson.
Barney: Why? [knocks the guy down]
Boy: Help! Help!
Barney: The kid.
Boy: Help!
Barney: Hang on, kid. Grab my tie.
Boy: But you're not supposed to take the tie off. You lost a bet with your friends Lily and Marshall which requires you to wear the tie for a full year.
Barney: If it means saving your life, I think they'll understand!
Boy: They sound like nice people!
Barney: Yeah, they are. Grab that... Come on. That's it.
Boy: Thanks, Mister. How can I repay you?
Barney: You can stay in school, that's how.
[A bird flies off the tie]
Barney: No!
[at MacLaren's:]
Barney: True story. But golly, I'm just gonna miss the heck out of that ducky tie. I really am.
Lily: Look what I just found in the trash.
Barney: No! [puts the tie back on]

Quote from Ted

Ted: Guys, guys, guys. This storm is serious. Luckily, you are friends with a former Boy Scout. And a Boy Scout is always what?
Robin: Unpopular?
Lily: Beaten up?
Barney: Going to the movies with his mom?
Ted: A Boy Scout is always prepared.
Robin: Prepared to spend lunch in his locker?
Marshall: Prepared to die a virgin?
Barney: Prepared to paint his sister's nails?
Ted: Prepared for emergencies!

Quote from Ted

Ted: That's why a week ago, when Irene was just a tropical depression-
Robin: You're a tropical depression.
Ted: This guy got us a disaster backpack, and a rental car that seats five, parked right outside. We're gonna drive up to my place in Westchester where we'll all be safe. Boy Scouted! You're welcome.