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Lily: Wait. You're not drunk?
Barney: Huh. I guess not. [flicks a piece of food into his mouth with the chopsticks]
Lily: [gasps] It's a hustle! We're gettin' hustled! Oh, this stinks. This stinks to holy hell! He's gonna win the bet!
Marshall: Baby, come on. Even if he was sober as a nun, there's no way he could do what these guys do.
Barney: Exactly. I mean, to learn the trademark secrets of Shinjitsu hibachi cooking, one would have to go all the way... to Hoboken, New Jersey. Yeah, they have a school there. It's a six-month course. They teach you everything.
Marshall: How do you know that?
Barney: Maybe I looked it up on my phone just now. Then again, maybe not. [another food trick]


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Quote from Barney

Marshall: No, it's not possible, okay? I was the one who said let's go to Shinjitsu...
[Barney sneezes]
Marshall: Bless you. How could Barney have... You brilliant bastard. It's all so obvious now. For the past, oh, I don't
know how long, five years, every time I've said, "Let's go to Shinjitsu" [Barney sneezes] Bless you. You've sneezed. Every time. [v.o.] And little by little...
[flashback to the guys in the apartment:]
Marshall: Let's go to Shinjitsu. [Barney sneezes] Bless you.
Marshall: [v.o.] forged the association in my brain.
[flashback to the group at MacLaren's:]
Lily: So what should we do for dinner?
Marshall: Let's go to Shinjitsu. [Barney sneezes] Oh, bless you.
Marshall: [v.o.] Until eventually...
[flashback to a furious Marshall and Lily confronting Barney about a bouncy castle in their living room:]
Marshall: Yes, I know I said that we'd be back Sunday, but guess what? We are back now! Now what on earth... Stop bouncing! What on earth would make you think that we'd be okay with this? [Barney sneezes] Let's go to Shinjitsu.
Marshall: When you were sick for a week last year, I had Shinjitsu like six times.

Quote from Barney

Marshall: Hey, what do you guys think of my new ducky tie? Pretty cute, right? And not that much more expensive than a regular tie.
Barney: A ducky tie? Bro, why do you do this when you know I must slam you for it? You guys might want to look away 'cause this ain't gonna be pretty. You ready? Duck, duck... gross. Hashtag burn, hashtag duck tie slam, hashtag Stinson rocks. What else is going on?

Quote from Ted

Ted: Oh, guess who I ran into. A girl from my past. Any guesses?
Lily: Stella.
Barney: Zoe.
Marshall: Karen?
Lily: The girl who beat you up.
Barney: The girl who ruined a photo with Slash!
Marshall: The girl who made you get the butterfly tattoo?
Ted: Wow, you make it sound like I've dated a series of Stieg Larrson novels.