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Marshall: A symbol of strength and constancy, the stone lion of The Arcadian has watched over New Yorkers for generations. So remember: if the lion head stonework is regal, then tearing it down should be illegal. [audience applause] Well... Did you like that? All right, uh... We must make sure the lion is always there. Destroy The Arcadian? Oh, no, don't you dare. Yeah? Yeah? Okay. Try this one on for size... If you want New York's history at your beck and call...
Mr. Horvath: All right, thank you, Mr. Eriksen.


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Barney: Can you believe that?! I can't be unemployed, Robin! My job is my identity; it's who I am. It gives me the confidence I need to convince girls I'm a fighter pilot.

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Mr. Horvath: Mr. Mosby, do you think The Arcadian should be a landmark? It's not a difficult question.
Future Ted: [v.o.] Actually, it was a difficult question. Of course, had he asked me a few days earlier, I would have immediately said...
Ted: "Yes. The Arcadian should be a landmark." And then the crowd would have said, "Oh, my God! Did he really
just say that? Oh, heavens! Oh, my stars! I must clutch my pearls!"
Lily: So these things are generally attended by old Southern ladies?
Ted: Almost exclusively.

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Lily: All right, what's the message? 'Cause if it's another hypothetical yet eerily accurate drawing of my boobs...
Robin: Yeah, I have that, too.
Lily: Damn it.
Robin: All right, here's the message. "Oh, hey, guys. Didn't see you there. I was too busy feelin' fine and..." Really?
"Feelin' fine and gettin' some 'jine. You may have noticed the giant plate of hot wings in front of me. I know how much you love hot wings. Too bad someone bribed the kitchen to take them off the menu tonight. So, if you want some, you're going to have to come back to GNB. But hurry, this offer will be gone lickety-split. Do evil laugh." Oh, um... Ba-ah, ha-ha! So, what are you turds up to?