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Quote from Barney in Baby Talk

Robin: And it's not like the opposite would work. There's no way a guy could pick up a girl, going around talking like a little boy.
Barney: Challenge accepted.
Robin: No.
Barney: I, Barney Stinson, will pick up a girl whilst talking like a little boy.


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‘Barney Stinson: Challenge Accepted’

Quote from Barney in No Pressure

Lily: I'm going into the city. Just, while I'm gone, don't go snooping around in our stuff. I know you think we have a sex tape hidden somewhere, so I'll save you the trouble. We don't. Good-bye. [rewind]
Future Ted: [v.o.] Here's that moment from Barney's perspective.
Lily: [droning] We have a sex tape hidden somewhere. [droning]
Barney: Challenge accepted.

Quote from Barney in The Window

Barney: No one... I mean no one... could get laid wearing these. [laughs] Challenge accepted. I, Barney Stinson, being of sound mind and amazing body, will wear these overalls until I have sex with a woman. [runs off]
Robin: I actually dated that guy.

 ‘Baby Talk’ Quotes

Quote from Barney

Robin: You know, um, there's something that I wanted to ask you, and I don't really know how to say it so... Here goes. Who's the crazy chick in the apron?
Woman: [baby talk] Someone naughty left his toys on the floor and needs to be spanked on his tushy-tush.
Barney: [baby talk] Uh-oh, I'm in "twubble."
Robin: You did it? How?
Barney: Last night, after admitting defeat, I just let myself go.
[flashback to Barney eating ice cream at MacLaren's:]
Woman: Ooh, that looks so good. Can I have some?
Barney: No! It's my ice cream! You can't have any!
Woman: Someone needs to teach you how to share. Who's your mommy?
Barney: Challenge completed! Now, uh, can you get this freak out of here? I'm really scared.

Quote from Marshall

Marshall: Okay! I made a list of awesome baby names. Starting at the top: number one...
Ted: I'm gonna stop you right here, Marshall. You name a chubby white kid "LeBron," and he's the one getting stuffed in the basketball hoop.
Marshall: Then I'm also crossing off, um, "Shaquille", "Hakeem," and "Dikembe."

Quote from Lily

Marshall: Hey, what about "Rob"?
Lily: "Rob"? No.
Marshall: Why not?
[flashback to Lily's kindergarten class:]
Lily: Hey, Rob. What are you gonna make? A turkey?
[The boy takes his finger-paint covered hand and...]
Rob: Honka, honka!
[Lily has a small, blue hand print on the left breast region of her top]
Lily: Not "Rob."