Lily Quote #308

Quote from Lily in The Fight

Future Ted: [v.o.] Why do we fight? What does that thing deep within each of us, that compels us to settle disagreements with our fists? Whatever it is, it's there right from the beginning.
Lily: Stop fighting!
Boy: Why?
Lily: Because it's stupid and juvenile.
Boy: We're six. We are stupid and juvenile.


 ‘The Fight’ Quotes

Quote from Barney

Ted: Okay. We have to start going someplace else. At this bar, I'm always going to be the guy who got left at the altar.
Marshall: This sucks.
Barney: Good Times.
Ted: Uh-oh. We lost Barney.
Robin: What do you mean?
Lily: There's a girl over there in a tight red sweater. So he's not listening to a word anyone's saying. Right, Barney?
Barney: Give Me a Break!
Ted: See, he figured out a while back he could fake an entire conversation just by saying titles of Black sitcoms from the '70s and '80s.
Barney: What's Happening?
Lily: Hey, Barney, want to go upstairs and do stuff to me that I won't even let Marshall do?
Barney: Ha. Diff'rent Strokes.

Quote from Marshall

Marshall: Dude, fighting is for losers. We're civilized guys. Civilized guys don't fight. Unless it's with lightsabers. But that's like three to five years away, so...
Robin: Well, that's not true.
Marshall: Robin, I'm on the forums every day. Three to five Thanksgivings from now, I'm going to be carving
the turkey with Old Green.

Quote from Marshall

Doug: Hey! Victory drinks! Free! Free! Free! Free! [to Marshall] $7.50.
Marshall: Why do I have to pay?
Doug: 'Cause you don't got my back. These guys got my back.
Marshall: Okay, you know what, Doug? I will gladly pay. And you know why? Because that's what grownups do. They pay for their drinks, and they don't get into fights. You know what I was doing, while you guys were out there being immature? I'll tell you what I was doing.
Barney: Your nails?
Marshall: No, I was doing...
Ted: The relationship quiz in this month's Cosmo?
Marshall: No, I was doing...
Barney: Your best not to cry when Big came back for Carrie at the end of the Sex and the City movie?
Marshall: No. No. Spoilers much?
Marshall: I'll tell you what I was doing...
Robin: The captain of the football team because he gave you his promise ring and you look so pretty in your open back Homecoming dress?
Lily: Sorry.