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Quote from Barney in Woooo!

Ted: Swedish architecture "collective".
Robin: Lame.
Lily: Pretentious.
Ted: "We're not a company. We're a collective."
Barney: I know. [French accent] "We are Swedish. We are so cool with our baguettes and our Eiffel Tower."
Marshall: Dude, Sweden's not France. You know that, right?
Barney: Oh, it's France.


 ‘Woooo!’ Quotes

Quote from Barney

[flashback to Barney and Marshall at work:]
Barney: Marshall, the conference call's about to start.
Marshall: I'm sorry, guys, I gotta go.
[later, on the roof of the building:]
Barney: [v.o.] And then we go up to the roof of the building... and drink beer.
Marshall: This is awesome. Drinking at work.
Barney: We're basically Mad Men.
Marshall: We are! We're such Mad Men!
Barney: I'm gonna go smack a secretary on the ass.
Marshall: That's totally what they would do on that show.
Barney: What show?

Quote from Barney

Barney: Why, Lily Aldrin, you sly minx. I've been saying for years that our gang need a Woo Girl, and here you've been hiding a whole batch of them from me.
Lily: We do not need a Woo Girl. No one needs a Woo Girl.
Barney: Be careful, Lily. The world absolutely needs Woo Girls. If there were no Woo Girls, there'd be no Girls Gone Wild, no bachelorette parties, no Las Vegas poolside bars... All the things that you hold
dearest, Lily, would be gone.
Lily: Those are none of the things...
Barney: The souvenir shot glass industry would collapse. So would the body glitter industry and the stretch-Hummer rental industry. Tiny cowboy hats would be worn only by tiny cowboys. And when"Brown Eyed Girl"
would come up on the jukebox, all you would hear... would be silence. And "Brown Eyed Girl." But who would woo, Lily? Who would woo? Would you? Would you... woo?
Jillian: Who wants to name my boobs?!
Barney: Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with Hannity and Colmes.

Quote from Future Ted

Future Ted: [v.o.] What's a Woo Girl? Let me explain. A Woo Girl is a type of young woman, who, like the cuckoo bird or the whip-poor-will, gets her name from the signature sound she makes. Now, a woo can be elicited in many different ways. From a certain song coming on the jukebox, to half-priced shots, from a ride on a mechanical bull, to, well, pretty much anything.