Ted Quote #511

Quote from Ted in Woooo!

Barney: Ted, am I correct that you are an architect?
Ted: My best friend would really know that, but go on.
Barney: And what are you currently designing?
Ted: Actually, we're renovating the new York Public Library.
Robin: Wow, Ted, that's huge!
Ted: No, not the New York Public Library. It's the new public library in York, North Dakota. Their books are in two sections: Fishin' and non-fishin'.


 ‘Woooo!’ Quotes

Quote from Barney

Ted: Swedish architecture "collective".
Robin: Lame.
Lily: Pretentious.
Ted: "We're not a company. We're a collective."
Barney: I know. [French accent] "We are Swedish. We are so cool with our baguettes and our Eiffel Tower."
Marshall: Dude, Sweden's not France. You know that, right?
Barney: Oh, it's France.

Quote from Barney

[flashback to Barney and Marshall at work:]
Barney: Marshall, the conference call's about to start.
Marshall: I'm sorry, guys, I gotta go.
[later, on the roof of the building:]
Barney: [v.o.] And then we go up to the roof of the building... and drink beer.
Marshall: This is awesome. Drinking at work.
Barney: We're basically Mad Men.
Marshall: We are! We're such Mad Men!
Barney: I'm gonna go smack a secretary on the ass.
Marshall: That's totally what they would do on that show.
Barney: What show?

Quote from Future Ted

Future Ted: [v.o.] What's a Woo Girl? Let me explain. A Woo Girl is a type of young woman, who, like the cuckoo bird or the whip-poor-will, gets her name from the signature sound she makes. Now, a woo can be elicited in many different ways. From a certain song coming on the jukebox, to half-priced shots, from a ride on a mechanical bull, to, well, pretty much anything.