Marshall Quote #87

Quote from Marshall in Life Among the Gorillas

Marshall: Okay, all right, I, uh, I think I'm ready.
Barney: You sure? You want to practice your story one more time?
Marshall: All right. So dude, check it. I'm in San Diego with two of my bro-sephs from Kappa, and they're all, "Yo, Eriksen, let's roll to the strip clubs." So I'm, like, "Snapadoo!" So we find this choice nudie nest near the airport...
[cut to Marshall telling the story at work:]
Marshall: ...and that is when the bouncer kicked us out. Now, I have no idea if Svetlana ever got her green card, but dudes, fake diamond ring? Worth every penny, bruh.
Blauman: Eriksen, that was steak sauce!
Bilson: Great story.


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Quote from Lily

Lily: Look, you know, whatever anthropology you do at work is your business, but please don't act like that around here.
Marshall: Lily, when Dr. Aurelia Birnholz-...
Lily: No, when Dr. Australia Birdbath-Vaseline came home from the gorillas, she didn't run around picking nits out of people's hair and-and throwing feces.

Quote from Marshall

Marshall: [on the phone] 'Sup, Blauman? E-bomb here. We still on for karaoke? Dope. I'm going to rock you on the mike so hard your hears are going to bleed gravy. Catch you on the flip, butt puppet.
Lily: Okay, what do you think? [shows Marshall a painting]
Marshall: Steak sauce.
Lily: Steak sauce?
Marshall: Yeah.

Quote from Barney

Barney: Yes! Look at you. You suited in an unmistakably upward direction.