Barney Quote #119

Quote from Barney in Zip, Zip, Zip

Barney: Hundred dollars says when you turn around, I say "Wow."
Robin: Barney, this is the third time you've hit on me by accident.
Barney: It's one of the many risks of the blind approach. It's usually a two-man operation where Ted signals that the target is hot. But Ted's too busy being in a lesbian relationship.
Robin: Why don't you just check out the girl's reflection in the bar mirror?
Barney: You can't just... Wow!


 ‘Zip, Zip, Zip’ Quotes

Quote from Ted

Ted: I don't feel so good. It's like my testicles mixed pop rocks and soda.

Quote from Marshall

Lily: We're going to the Berkshires for the maple syrup harvest.
Marshall: It's one of New York Magazine's "top five romantic getaways on a budget." Who says sexual can't be sensible?

Quote from Lily

Marshall: I can't believe she's making you wait a whole month. I would never put up with that.
Ted: You've only had sex with one girl in your whole life.
Lily: Burn!