Lily Quote #51

Quote from Lily in Drumroll, Please

Lily: So, that's what happened to the bouquet. You know, good for Victoria. It's such an evil tradition.
Ted: You're not gonna do it at your wedding?
Lily: Oh, yeah, I'm gonna take that flower grenade and chuck it into the crowd and scream, "Crawl for it, bitches!" It's just what girls do.


 ‘Drumroll, Please’ Quotes

Quote from Barney

Barney: Ted, oh my gosh, I love this moment. You know why? Because I'm gonna say it and this time you're actually gonna say yes. You ready? You ready to say yes? Ted, suit up!
Ted: Yes! No.
Barney: Oh, come on!

Quote from Barney

Tanya: Wow, the Peace Corps?
Barney: Yeah, I ship out tomorrow for two years. You know, some people say the Peace Corps is the most noble thing a person can do. To those people, I say, "Is it?" And usually they say, "Yes, it is."

Quote from Ted

Ted: I guess, what, we'll need fake names?
Victoria: Um, you can call me Buttercup. [Victoria and Ted shake hands]
Ted: Pleased to meet you, Buttercup. I'm Lando Calrissian. [Victoria laughs] Wow, this is kind of exciting. Our names will forever be shrouded...
Barney: [enters] Ted, Ted, Ted, look, I got a bridesmaid, Ted, look, look, Ted, the second hottest bridesmaid, Ted, look. See ya, Ted. [leaves]
Ted: So, I'm Ted.
Victoria: Victoria. But no last names.
Ted: No last names.