Lily Quote #32

Quote from Lily in The Duel

Ted: Chinese restaurant, I still don't believe it.
Lily: I told you. Okay, a toast. Life is full of changes. One day you have an apartment, the next day it's a house of dumplings. But the important stuff doesn't change. To the important stuff.
All: Cheers.
Barney: And to the lemon law. Self-clink.
Lily: And by the way, I bought these glasses. I bought them at Ikea. These are my glasses.
Marshall: I love this song. I haven't heard this in forever.
Lily: I'm pretty sure this is a mixed tape you made me in sophomore year.
Robin: Lily, your apartment makes the best Shanghai dumplings.
Marshall: [on tape] I love you, Lily. Happy Valentine's Day 1998.


 ‘The Duel’ Quotes

Quote from Barney

Barney: Katie's here. Okay, real quick, last night, epiphany! I realized what the world of dating needs. Ready? A lemon law.
Robin: A lemon law, like for cars.
Barney: Exactly. From the moment the date begins you have five minutes to decide whether you're going to commit to an entire evening. And if you don't, it's no hard feelings just "Good night, thanks for playing, see you never." Huh? Huh? The Lemon Law. It's gonna be a thing. Possibly starting right now.

Quote from Barney

Barney: So, anyway, I was on date with this girl, Jackie.
[flashback to MacLaren's:]
Barney: Wow, Jackie, you make a really great first impression. I have a feeling that tonight you might end up being Jackie... Oh!
Jackie: Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to lemon law you.
Barney: It's out there, it's a thing. The lemon law is a thing. Damn, I should have called it Barney's law.

 Lily Aldrin Quotes

Quote from Unfinished

Lily: Where's the poop, Robin?
Robin: Excuse me?
Lily: When I was a kid, I had a dog named Bean. Whenever he made the face that you're making right now, you just knew he pooped somewhere in the house. Where's the poop, Robin?
Robin: I don't know what you're talking about.
Lily: Where's the poop, Robin?
Robin: There's no poop.
Lily: Where's the poop?

Quote from The Ashtray

Marshall: Lily!
Lily: Hey, you know the rules. You misbehave, I take away one of your toys. Aldrin Justice, baby.
Marshall: So you're telling me that that ashtray that's been in our apartment for over a year and a half is not only stolen, but also very expensive.
Lily: Both of those things, yes.