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Quote from Robin in Mystery Vs. History

Robin: Well, I say define gender roles early. All the other girls got a pretty dress and a cake when they turned 14. Me...
[flashback to fourteen-year-old Robin and her father in a helicopter:]
Robin: I want to go home, Daddy!
Robin Sr.: That direction is nothing but wolves. And 40 kilometers that way is the mining town of Smithers. I'd take my chances with the wolves. I'll see you in three days.
Robin: Well, wait, what am I supposed to eat?
Robin Sr.: Hey, you've got a knife, the forest is full of animals. What do you want, a buffet?
Robin: Papa...!
Robin Sr.: Happy birthday, son...!
Barney: Got any thoughts on that, Doc?
Kevin: If you guys think I'm going near that, you're crazy.
Robin: Why'd you emphasize "you're"?
Kevin: No reason. You're pretty.


 ‘Mystery Vs. History’ Quotes

Quote from Ted

Future Ted: [v.o.] By the fall of 2011, technology had taken a lot of the intrigue out of life. The Internet had everyone's wall of information. Nothing was a mystery anymore. But, kids, there was a time before that, way back in the dark ages.
[the gang at MacLaren's in 2005:]
Ted: Are you people insane?! The most popular food in America is the cheeseburger!
Lily: No way! It's pizza!
Marshall: Are we forgetting about a certain Mr. Furter, first name Frank?
Robin: Um, what did every kid bring in their lunchbox every day till grade eight? Pancakes with maple syrup.
Barney: Thanks, Canada. We're looking for a food the average American eats. Oh! Chinese food.
Future Ted: [v.o.] And then came the smartphone.
[the gang at MacLaren's in 2011, everyone staring at their phone:]
Robin: Hey, remember when we were arguing about the most popular food? It's bread.
All: Hmm.
Future Ted: [v.o.] And the barroom debate was dead.

Quote from Robin

Robin: Sweet mother of God! A dog in Ottawa ran all the way to Saskatoon! What? We figured out the Janet thing. I'm catching up on Canada.

Quote from Marshall

Barney: You guys have to see this.
Lily: No. We're with Ted on this. We don't want to find out about Janet, just like we don't want to find out about the baby.
Marshall: Because we like mystery, whether it's the hairy majesty of Bigfoot, or the bloodsucking ferocity of the Chupacabra, or the gender of our little miracle.
Lily: Thanks for putting those together in the same sentence, sweetie.