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Quote from Barney in The Window

Barney: No one... I mean no one... could get laid wearing these. [laughs] Challenge accepted. I, Barney Stinson, being of sound mind and amazing body, will wear these overalls until I have sex with a woman. [runs off]
Robin: I actually dated that guy.


Features in the collection: Barney Stinson: Challenge Accepted.

‘Barney Stinson: Challenge Accepted’

Quote from Barney in No Pressure

Lily: I'm going into the city. Just, while I'm gone, don't go snooping around in our stuff. I know you think we have a sex tape hidden somewhere, so I'll save you the trouble. We don't. Good-bye. [rewind]
Future Ted: [v.o.] Here's that moment from Barney's perspective.
Lily: [droning] We have a sex tape hidden somewhere. [droning]
Barney: Challenge accepted.

Quote from Barney in Baby Talk

Robin: And it's not like the opposite would work. There's no way a guy could pick up a girl, going around talking like a little boy.
Barney: Challenge accepted.
Robin: No.
Barney: I, Barney Stinson, will pick up a girl whilst talking like a little boy.

 ‘The Window’ Quotes

Quote from Ted

Ted: [answers phone] Hello.
Mrs. Douglas: Hello, Ted Mosby?
Ted: Yep.
Mrs. Douglas: The window is open.
Ted: What?
Mrs. Douglas: The window is open.
Ted: [to Marshall and Robin] The window is open.
Marshall: What are you waiting for? Run, Ted, run!

Quote from Marshall

Marshall: [writing] "Dear 60-year-old Marshall. You should be working somewhere that's making the world a better place, or at least trying to. No pressure, dude. I mean, sir. Also, if time travel is possible, maybe you could give me a little sign on Tuesday, December 8th at... 8:29 p.m."
[Marshall waits]
Lily: So, someone sent back these chicken wings, because they were too hot. And I'm like, "Too hot? Are you crazy?" So, free wings.
Marshall: [writes] "Old Man Marshall, as long as you're still married to Lily, you're doing just fine."
Wendy: Sir, this is on us. Sorry the wings were so hot.
Elderly Marshall: No, dear. It wasn't that they were too hot. It's just that I had wings earlier. Much earlier.

Quote from Robin

Robin: Okay, not that I care about this challenge, but it's cheating to wear overalls over a suit.
Barney: No, it's not. They're not called over T-shirts, Robin. They're not called over shirtless fat guys who used to come fix my mom's car and then hang out with her upstairs for a little while. No! They're called overalls, okay? And I can wear them over whatever I want.
Barney: [to a passing woman] Hey.
Robin: Oh, he's not saying hello. He's just telling you what he feeds his horsies. Oh, man, I can sit here and make
you-look-like-a-farmer jokes all night. Challenge accepted.