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Quote from Robin in Miracles

Robin: When I was a kid, I had this dog, Sir Scratchewan. Anyway, Sir Scratchewan got really old, so my parents decided to put him down. It was the toughest day of my young life.
[flashback to a young Robin with her dog:]
Robin: Good-bye, Sir Scratchewan, I love you.
Robin: And when they took him to the vet, he told them that earlier that very day, he had learned about an experimental procedure called a canine/testudine cerebro-xenograft. Ever heard of it?
Marshall: No.
Robin: Well, it saved Sir Scratchewan's life. He lived another seven years.
Marshall: Miracle.
Robin: Except for one... kind of big side effect from the surgery.
[flashback to Lily with a turtle:]
Robin: Sir Scratchewan! Welcome home!
Robin: He turned into a turtle. I know. It's weird, right? Apparently, a very common complication from canine/testudine cerebro-xenografts. And he didn't seem to remember any of his old tricks.
Robin: Go get it, Scratchy. Go get it! Go get it! Get it! Go get it, Scratchy. Go get it.
Lily: How long was it before...?
Robin: Longer than I'm proud of, Lily. Longer than I'm proud of. And that's when I realized miracles ain't real.


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Quote from Robin

Robin: Ugh, man, I love Springsteen! He's like the American Bryan Adams.

Quote from Barney

Barney: I had to look away because if I watched what the paramedics were about to do, I would have passed out. Then they took out this electric blade thing and I kept thinking, "This isn't happening. This isn't happening. "
Lily: Oh, my God. What did they cut?
Barney: My suit. My beautiful suit.

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Quote from Glitter

Robin: Okay, fine, I'll watch it with you.
Barney: Yeah!
Robin: But if either of you makes even one peep about the show being dirty, I'm turning it off. I'm serious.
[on Space Teens:]
Robin Sparkles: Hey Jessica, how's your beaver?
[in the apartment, Ted and Barney spit take]
Jessica Glitter: Great. How's your beaver?
Robin Sparkles: Busy as ever!
[Ted and Barney stifle laughter]
Robin: Our characters had pet beavers.
Ted: [giggles] Sure.
Robin: The beaver is the official animal of Canada. It's our national mascot.
Barney: It's a noble creature.

Quote from Big Days

Robin: Well, I guess you just got to move on. I mean, it's not like you have a shot with Ready McGee over there, right? Ted?
Future Ted: [v.o.] Then I remembered. Cindy had a roommate. A roommate I only caught a glimpse of... But a roommate who, by every indication, was something very special. Was it possible? Could this be the girl attached to that ankle?
Ted: I got to see her ankles.
Robin: You're one of those? God, I swear, one in five guys...