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Moving Day

‘Moving Day’

Season 2, Episode 18 -  Aired March 19, 2007

After Ted and Robin decide to move in together, Barney thinks they're making a mistake and takes Ted's possessions hostage.

Quote from Barney

Barney: You could've left at any time tonight, but you didn't, Ted. Why is that?
Ted: Because I didn't want to go back to Robin's without my stuff.
Barney: False. You know what I think? I think you spent one day with her and it already sucked. I think you didn't like being there, she didn't like having you there and you both realized that you made a huge mistake. And that's why you spent your first night living with Robin out playing laser tag with me. And that's why three seconds ago you didn't call it "my place" or "our place" or "home," you called it "Robin's."
Ted: You know what? You can keep my stuff.


Quote from Robin

Robin: Hey, did you get the truck back?
Ted: No.
Robin: Why not? What happened?
Ted: Oh, he pissed me off so much, I left. Anyway, I just wanted to come back here, space out and watch a movie. Do you anything that wasn't made by John Woo?
Robin: Why, do you?

Quote from Ted

Ted: You know, forget the movie. I just want to sit. [puts feet on the table] What?
Robin: It's just I eat at that table.
Ted: Fine, I'll take my shoes off. [Robin hisses] You know, why don't you just throw me down in the storage space where you have room for me.
Robin: Ted, come on.
Ted: No, you come on. I had to jump through hoops all night for Barney and then it took me an hour to get home because his place is so far away from the bar. Oh, my God.
Robin: What?
Ted: I know where Barney put my truck.

Quote from Ted

Barney: [answering the phone] Hello?
Ted: [action voice] Enjoying the ride?
Barney: Ted? Ted, you let us out of here. You let us out of here this instant!
Ted: This isn't Ted. But I hear that guy's awesome.

Quote from Ted

Ted: So I took Sara home and I took Barney to a bar near his apartment. Apparently, that strategy had never occurred to him.

Quote from Lily

Marshall: Okay, look, Lily, the point is that we grew around Ted and without him, we're slowly dying.
Lily: What do we do?
Marshall: I think we can marry each other. But we also have to marry Ted.
Lily: I'll tell you right now, my Dad is not gonna pay for that wedding.

Quote from Ted

Marshall: Ted!
Lily: What are you doing here?
Ted: Robin and I aren't gonna move in together after all.
Lily: What happened?
Robin: I thought we decided we were ready?
Ted: I know. How did we come to that again?
Robin: I don't remember. We were fighting? It's all so blurry.
Ted: Yeah.
Robin: The "let's move in together" sex was pretty amazing.
Ted: I know. I did that thing with no hands I normally need both to do.

Quote from Ted

Lily: I put all your heavy jackets in this box marked "winter." And all your colorful sweaters in this box marked "Bill Cosby."
Ted: Make fun, but America loved that guy for a reason.

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