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34Quotes from ‘Everything Must Go’

How I Met Your Mother: Everything Must Go

319. Everything Must Go

Aired May 12, 2008

Barney helps Abby get revenge on Ted by staging a proposal, but Abby doesn't realize it's fake.

Quote from Barney

Future Ted: [v.o.] Kids, in the spring of 2008 something kind of strange had been happening to your uncle Barney. He'd be doing great with a woman.
Barney: So I threw the pressure air oxygen into its mouth. I shoot the tank, boo, no more shark. Mr. Holland and I swam back to shore. Hey, let me serve you a drink.
Future Ted: He's only been gone a few moments but when he return...
Barney: So where were we?
Ted from 2030: He'd get slapped! It kept happening... Until finally, Lily was approached by a mysterious woman who wants her stay away from Barney. So when it happened once more...
Barney: Again? Really? Wait...
Future Ted: [v.o.] Barney knew who to look for...
[Barney chases after a blonde woman who was leaving MacLaren's:]
Barney: Hey, excuse me. Did I sleep with you and then totally screw you over?
Woman: No.
Barney: What are you doing on Friday?


Quote from Lily

Marshall: So, uh, I just met with the contractor. and it turns out that fixing the floors of the new apartment is going to cost a lot more than the estimate.
Lily: But we can barely afford that to begin with.
Marshall: I hate to say this, but I think you're going to have to sell your stuff.
Lily: Whoa! Marshall, that's just a game we play in the bedroom.

Quote from Barney

Abby: Well, it hurt, okay? And then Ted, the love of my life started dating my boss instead of me. Do you know how that feels?
Barney: Oh, boo-hoo, poor little Ashley.
Abby: Abby!
Barney: Abby. A few weeks ago, Ted dumped me as his wingman. You had a crush on him for a couple weeks? I was Ted's best friend for seven years.
Abby: Ted said Marshall was his best friend.
Barney: Seven years!

Quote from Barney

Barney: Ted. What an idiot. With his stupid "meaningful relationship" with Stella.
Abby: I hate Ted.
Barney: I hate Ted more.
Abby: Are you as turned on as I am?
Barney: Probably not quite as much.
[later, in Abby's bed:]
Abby: I'm sorry I yelled out "Ted."
Barney: I'm sorry I yelled out "Abby."
Abby: I am Abby.
Barney: Oh, cool.

Quote from Lily

Marshall: Lily, come on. I'm proud of you. Who- Who bought it?
Lily: Well, that's the best part. A gay couple without kids. A G-CWOK!
Ted: You bagged a G-CWOK?!
Lily: Yeah, that's right. They are the heart and soul of the art-buying community.
Ted: You know what you should do? You should call up the G-CWOKs and offer them a free painting if they throw a private art party for all their G-CWOK friends.
Lily: That's an amazing idea. I'm going to go call them. I can probably sell two more paintings with time to spare. Oh, wait, Marshall. There was something I had to tell you. What was it? Oh, that's right. Suck it.

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