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Do I Know You?

‘Do I Know You?’

Season 4, Episode 1 -  Aired September 22, 2008

As Ted and Stella wonder whether they know enough about each other now they're engaged, Ted introduces her to his favorite film series, Star Wars. Meanwhile, Barney tells Lily about his feelings for Robin.

Quote from Marshall

Stella: Wait, it's really important to you that I like this movie, isn't it? I'm not gonna like it with you staring at me the whole time. Go to your room and I will come get you when it's over. Go.
[After Ted leaves, Marshall pops up from behind the couch.
Marshall: Should I leave, too?
Stella: [screams]
Ted: [returning] What part? What part?


Quote from Robin

[A female waitress with ample cleavage pours wine at Barney and Robin's table]
Robin: [to the waitress] Thanks. [to Barney] Nothing? Not even a glance? Even I was thinking about rocking a motorboat on those bad boys. What the hell is wrong with you, Barney?

Quote from Robin

Barney: I don't always want to be that guy. Sometimes I want to be someone you can have an actual conversation with. Now, tell me something about you that I don't know yet. Seriously.
Robin: Okay. Um, there's a job opening at a new cable network that would be perfect for me. Completely legit world news, interviews with people who matter... Uh, but I decided I'm not going to apply.
Barney: Why not?
Robin: Because I'm a joke. I'm just the scary news lady from some stupid local news channel.
Barney: We both know you're more than that. Promise me you'll apply.
Robin: It's not as easy...
Barney: Promise me you'll apply.
Robin: I promise.

Quote from Ted

Marshall: She's up to the scene where Luke, Leia, Han and Chewy escape from the Death Star's trash compactor.
Ted: Great scene.
Marshall: Great scene! Okay, we should have just heard... [gasps, laughs, awws] but Stella didn't make a peep.
Ted: I'm gonna take a look. [cracks open door] She's not even watching. She's texting.
Marshall: I'll tell her you still want to be friends.
Ted: I don't believe this. I believe, she knows this is important to me. She's blatantly... [Ted's phone beeps] "Stop watching me, jackasses."

Quote from Marshall

Stella: It was so good.
Marshall: You hated it, didn't you?
Stella: Oh, it's so stupid. First of all, how do they understand that walking bear they hang around with all the time?
Marshall: Wookiee.
Stella: Yeah, He goes... [murmurs] They're all like, "That's a good point, Bear, "let's try that."
Marshall: He's a Wookiee, and his kind is actually more intelligent than they appear.

Quote from Marshall

Marshall: Okay, Stella, that is Ted's favorite movie of all time. He watches it when he's home sick with the flu. He watches it on rainy Sunday afternoons in the fall. He watches it on Christmas Eve. Ted watches Star Wars in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad. Do you really think that you can pretend to like a movie that you actually hate for the rest of your life?
Stella: ... I do.
Marshall: Well, then, Ted's a lucky guy. [scoffs] Bear.

Quote from Barney

Barney: So, here's the deal.
Robin: April, have... you met Barney? April just finished her shift, she's looking to blow off some steam.
Barney: Would you excuse us for one sec? What are you doing?
Robin: You were so nice to me tonight, I wanted to return the favor, wingwoman-style. So, as I was saying, Barney is the Yankees' new second-baseman. And Barney, April asked if tomorrow, you could hit a goal for her during the baseball match. You can't make this stuff up. So, you two kids have fun.
April: So are you... nervous about the game?
Barney: Yeah, I'm nervous for the other team 'cause when I step up to that plate... [Barney watches Robin walk away] Look, April, I am not a New York Yankee. Any other night, I would probably try to convince you that I am, but I'm not. I'm just some guy who's in love with the girl that just left, and she's never going to feel the same way. So I'm just going to go.

Quote from Lily

Lily: [laughs] Chimichangas.
Marshall: We have to go.

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