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Quote from Barney in Platonish

Woman: Do not come any closer. I swear I will kill you.
Barney: It's cool. I'm not gonna come any closer. You're looking at the door, waiting for someone. Someone important. Someone who will fill an empty space in your life. A movie star? Uh-huh. But which one? Clooney? DiCaprio? Zabka? No, I'm gonna go with Ryan... Reyn... Phillip... Seacre... Gosling. Ryan Gosling.
Woman: Yes, I'm waiting for Ryan Gosling, okay? Now leave me alone.
Barney: You passed my test, girl.
Woman: Ryan?
Robin: No. Just no.
Barney: I told her I'm a Method actor and had to get plastic surgery for an upcoming role where I play a man
more handsome than myself.

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