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Quote from Marshall in Slapsgiving

Marshall: That's three! Thanks, baby, you're the best. And as a special, added bonus, I've composed a song just for this occasion. Ted, lights!
[Marshall starts playing the piano]
Marshall: [singing] What is this feelin' that's put you in your place A hot, red burnin' on the side of your face you feel the blood rush to your cheek. Tears start to fill your eyes and your lips are tremblin' but you can't speak, you're tryin', Oh, you're tryin' not to cry! You just got slapped [Barney adds "Oh, oh"] Across the face, my friend [Barney adds "Oh, oh, oh"] You just got slapped. Yes, that really just happened. Everybody saw it and everybody laughed and clapped, it was awesome. Wait, you just got... slapped. Happy Slapsgiving, everybody.

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