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Quote from Ted in The End of the Aisle

Robin: Where did you find the locket?
Ted: Me? Why-why are you asking me? Barney found it. Ask him. What, you lost a locket?
Robin: Barney wouldn't tell me how he found it, which made me realize it had to be you.
Ted: [laughs] Okay. I'll embarrass him. Your fiancé got a metal detector and scoured a 10,000-square-foot grid around that carousel. Guess where he found it. The nest of a mama pigeon. [laughs] Barney had to wrestle it away from four baby pigeons. But here's where the story gets bittersweet.
Robin: I lied. Barney said it was in Marshall and Lily's basement. But do you still want to finish your little pigeon story?
Ted: The mama pigeon gets killed by a cab. Barney still goes back to the park every day to feed the babies. The end.

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