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Quote from Marshall in Gary Blauman

Robin: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Marshall: Why the code red? I mean, if it's about your hair, I didn't even notice. Especially not from the back.
Robin: What?
Marshall: Nothing. Gary Blauman is here and I had no idea he was coming. His reply card must have gotten lost in the mail.
Robin: Where's he gonna sit? It took us weeks to plan the seating chart.
Marshall: Robin. Shh. I got you.
Robin: Huh?
Marshall: You're talking to the seating-chart master. At my wedding, I managed to sit small-town Minnesotans next to liberal New Yorkers with grace and aplomb. Table 27 still gets together once a year for a reunion. Perhaps you've seen their photos on Facebook? Like I said, I got you.

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