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Quote from The Mother in Bass Player Wanted

The Mother: This is my band. I started it. And if anyone is getting fired here, it's you, Darren. So hit the bricks, skunk junk. Was that even a little bit intimidating?
Linus: Nope. And the knitting's not helping.
The Mother: I'm sorry, I just met this baby and he needs a hat.
Linus: You can't fire Darren. He gets how hilarious and adorable I am. Plus, it is so inspiring how he overcame his mother being eaten by a barracuda.
The Mother: Aah! That's Finding Nemo. That's new. There's no defeating the devil. New plan. Linus, if at any point tonight, you see me with an empty glass...
Linus: Kennedy Package. It's a very popular choice this weekend.
The Mother: Thank you, Linus.

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