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Quote from The Mother in Bass Player Wanted

Marshall: Aldrin justice. Nice.
The Mother: Your wife is cool.
Marshall: Oh, the coolest. Hey, did she, um, happen to mention the fact that I'm sort of ruining her dream of moving to Italy?
The Mother: Uh, yeah, that did come up.
Lily: You need to steal this douche-monkey's van. And then run my husband over with it.
The Mother: I think you've got a tough talk coming.
Marshall: Yeah, well, so do you. When we get to the inn, you're gonna go in there and stand up to Darren.
The Mother: Come on. I Aldrin-justiced him.
Marshall: Yeah, but I bet you're just gonna give this van right back to him. I mean, were you at least gonna pee in it a little?
The Mother: I was gonna gas it up and get it washed.

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