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Quote from The Mother in Bass Player Wanted

The Mother: Anyway, I brought Darren in to split lead vocals, and he took over. First, he took away my solos,
then I got demoted to backup vocals, and now the only time I use a mic is after Darren's first false exit, when I say: "Do you guys want more Darren?" And then today, I found this ad online.
Marshall: "Ass Player Wanted"?
The Mother: Move your thumb.
Marshall: Oh, "Bass Player Wanted." Wait, he was gonna kick you out of your own band?
The Mother: Yeah. But instead... I quit.
Marshall: You quit? That's it? But it's your band, you must be avenged.
The Mother: Funny you should say that, because as I was leaving the hotel, I ran into someone.
Lily: You need to steal this douche-monkey's van.

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