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Quote from Barney in Bass Player Wanted

Barney: Going to jail for your best friend, that's the dream.
Ted: Really? That's the dream?
Barney: Yeah. It's the most noble... Nay, bro-ble, thing a bro can do for a fellow bro. So, yes, Ted. That's the dream.
Ted: You're too liberal with, "That's the dream."
Barney: Name one other time I said that.
Ted: A suit of prosciutto so you can eat your way naked, that's the dream. A pack of lions fighting a tyrannosaurus, that's the dream. Being able to take a year's worth of dumps in a non-stop 24-hour period, then not having to dump for the rest of the year, that's the dream.
Barney: I never said Dump Day was the dream. I said science is this close to a pill.

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