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Quote from Marshall in Last Time in New York

[flashback to April 26 at 12:44 pm:]
Ted: Oh. Hey.
Marshall: Hey, bud. I was about to take Lily's rehearsal dinner dress to the dry cleaner.
Ted: Oh, that's too bad. Because, uh, I was just watching The Princess Bride, when something occurred to me.
Marshall: How, at the end, Andre the Giant hooks them up with those horses and then Inigo Montoya is like, "Fezzik, you did something right." And it's like, bro, Andre's been doing stuff right the whole movie. Knocking out serpents, busting down castle doors. Basically carrying your revenge-and-sangria-soaked ass. So instead of being a patronizing jerk, how about a simple: "Hey, thanks for the horses, bro"? That's totally what you were thinking, right?
Ted: No, l... No, I came over here... God, that's a really good point.

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