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Quote from Marshall in Coming Back

Daphne: Can I make a suggestion? I rent the car, then I go buy the car seat, come back here, pick you guys up, and then the three of us drive to New York together.
Marshall: [laughs quietly] Let me get this straight. So, you're gonna rent the car, go and get a baby seat for my son, and then drive all the way back here to pick me up.
Daphne: That's right.
Marshall: Well, then you're gonna need some cash here. Hundred bucks ought to cover it. So, we'll see you soon.
Daphne: You got it, Michael!
Marshall: Marshall.
Daphne: Doesn't matter now, does it?
Marshall: Remember this day, Marvin. Not only is this the day that we either saw Prince or a really flamboyantly dressed greyhound, it's also the day that your dad chose not to be a jerk and put his trust in humanity. Just watch where it gets us. [later] Shucksy-doodles!

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